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    Thread Protector

    Pipe Thread Protector Caps

    Biaohuang offers a wide range of caps to cushion fragile threads during transport and storage. Available in a variety of materials, colors and styles, from rig ready to our patented pull tab design for quick and easy removal in the field. Our economical components ensure your pipes reach your customers undamaged.

    Variety of styles.

    Round Vinyl Caps
    Vinyl caps are ideal for use as pipe thread protectors. The flexible vinyl material extends over the threads to provide a tight seal that not only protects the threads, but also prevents contaminants from entering the pipe or tubing. The flexible vinyl cushions the threads from damage and will not crack or shred like many hard plastic caps. Vinyl caps are available in short and long versions.
    Vinyl Label Caps
    These caps offer the same benefits as the round vinyl caps with the added benefit of an EZ remove label.
    Threaded Caps
    For applications requiring thread protection and positive low pressure sealing, BiaoHuang offers plastic threaded caps in standard thread sizes from 3/8-24 to 1-1/16 - 12.
    Polyethylene Caps
    These low cost caps are ideal for high volume applications and are available in a wide range of sizes.
    For internal pipe thread protectors, StockCap offers flexible vinyl plus plugs, tapered T-plugs and polyethylene threaded plugs.

    Features and benefits

    Designed for quality threads
    CNC cut threads to ensure a precise fit
    Enclosed, non-lifting and lifting design for easy handling
    Manufactured to API 5CT, Appendix I, 10th Edition specifications
    Suitable for all types of handling or loading, including truck, rail and sea transport
    Designed for extreme weather conditions; tested from -50° to 150° F (-46° to 66° C)
    All plastic
    100% recyclable

    Super Applications

    Pipe: 2 3/8 to 4 ½ in.
    Housing: 4 ½ to 11 7/8 in.

    BiaoHuang is designed to meet all industry pipe thread protector caps requirements

    Our protectors are designed to meet current industry standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). the Ultra product line provides excellent impact protection and has been fully tested to ensure compliance with API 5CT, Annex I, 10th Edition specifications, providing complete assurance that your pipe threads are protected. Each thread protector is designed to be cut from a strong, extremely heavy duty blank. Thanks to our large selection of blanks, our experts can allocate the best blank for your threading application. Providing you with the ultimate protection is what we do.


     Biaohuang Machinery is a China supplier of oil pipe and drill pipe thread protector, plastic pipe, punching machine, CNC pipe threading machine, all for oil pipe and casing processing, etc. This product is a quality pipe thread protector for the oilfield industry. We can provide many different sizes and variations of custom products for your downhole application or drip pan application, and welcome orders from any size business.

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    • Amy Tang: +86 150 7721 4779

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