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Working with glass is a big challenge

because it is easy to scratch, mar, swirl and etch during all the steps from when leaves the factory.

We supply glass protection films to tempering industry, sealed unit fabricators and refurbishment market. Our protective films are easy to apply, and can provide protection from only a few days to over a year, depending on the requirements of your application.


It will bring you reliable, cost-effective, trouble-free solutions:

that keep with stable and controlled adhesiveness the adhesive level you need throughout the cycle of use
with easy removal without tearing
preserving the quality and the impeccable finish of your surfaces without leaving residues, stains or marking once the film is removed
Coated optics, interior and exterior windows, shower doors and many other glass surfaces each require its own specific type of professional protection.

Therefore we offer a broad range of glass protection films to fit any need.


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Glass Surface Protection Film