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Micro Motion™ Flow Meter

The Micro Motion™  Coriolis mass flowmeter (CMF) manifold is designed for fast and accurate measurement of flow, density, and temperature of the drilling fluid returning from the wellbore. The CMF detects influxes and losses in real time and allows decisions to be made as the event is happening. This translates to smaller influxes, less damage to the formation, as well as overall improved safety and efficiency of the entire managed pressure drilling (MPD) operation. Our CMF is suitable for drilling in the most extreme environments and operations.

Technical Specifications

Flowmeter Specifications

  • Flowmeter model CMF 400M
  • Flow rate up to 2,400 gpm
  • Nominal line size 4 in up to 12 in
  • Mass flow accuracy ±0.10% of rate
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.5% of reading
  • Density accuracy ±0.00417 ppg
  • Calibration standards ISO 17025
  • Area classification ATEX Zone 1, IECEx, CSA
  • Manufacturer Emerson

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